I work with professionals who want more from their career and from life overall.

My clients are successful and do well in their careers but want to feel more fulfilled and know deep down they can take their career to a new level. My clients know in their gut it is time to make some needed shifts – inside and outside work – but don’t know where or how to start. And because my clients value their life outside work, including raising families, they worry what any shift would mean to their work-life balance.

I help my clients take a bold step forward in their career to fill a missing piece that makes them feel more complete.   Our work together will help them feel more fulfilled and successful at work and at home but not at the expense of their sanity.

Career Professionals
I help busy professionals take bold steps forward for life or work success while preserving life balance. Learn More
Nonprofits & Small Businesses
I help organizations be effective, successful, and sustainable for their programs and the people who work for them. Learn More
Working Women
I help working women (particularly moms) pursue personal or career goals while maintaining or even improving life balance. Learn More

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About Coaching with Danielle

Danielle is a professional certified life coach who has worked as a leader and executive in the non-profit sector for 25 years.  She is also a trained lawyer.  Danielle works with busy professionals who want success in their career but who want to maintain life balance at the same time.   She also works with small organizations who want their staff to become successful.