Working women

I help working women (particularly moms) pursue personal or career goals while maintaining or even improving life balance.

Who are you?  You are committed to work and family and work hard at juggling both.  But you  have a nagging and restless feeling that something is missing in your life.  You have everything you need.  But you lack something with a deeper purpose and meaning.  Something that will leave you feeling more excited and driven in your day to day life.

But you aren’t sure exactly what you want.  Maybe the change is a career transition?  Or to start your own venture? Or carve the time for your community?  Or just having more flexible work so you can stop feeling overwhelmed by the never-ending to do list?

10693312 - the background of maples fallingWhatever the case, your biggest predicament is you don’t even have a moment to think let alone figure out the missing piece.  And the demands of work don’t allow for much in the way of dreaming.

Let me help you take a step back.  I help my clients sort through all that is swirling around in your mind, and together we create a plan to achieve professional success and better life balance.

Let’s get to work.

Get started!  Your first step is to reach out and set up a free consultation.  

Consultations are no pitch zones.  During the call, I learn more about your situation to see if it is a fit and you get to learn more about me and how I work.   Typically, phone consultations are 30 minutes.  After the call, I will send you an email outlining how we can work together.  Then, you can decide whether or not you want to proceed.  Typically, I work with clients over 4-6 sessions.

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