Career Professionals

I help busy professionals take bold steps forward for life or work success while preserving life balance.

I am a coach for professionals who believe there is something bigger and better in store for them.   They know deep inside they are not fully using their strengths (dare I say gifts?) in a way that would bring them more meaning, motivation, and success.  I help my clients figure out that missing piece and how to take a bold step forward.   Because my clients place a high value on work-life balance, we plan for that bold step so it complements their life.  That bold step helps them feel more fulfilled and inspired but not overwhelmed by what is yet to come.

Who are you?

You are driven and focused on success in your career but you value your life outside work too.  You have this nagging feeling that there is something else in store for you.  But you aren’t entirely sure what it could be.  Take your business to the next level?  Pursue leadership?  Make a career transition?  Make needed shifts at work so you can tackle some personal goals?

Not exactly sure where to start?  Barely have enough time to cover your daily to do list?

I can help you get started. There is a different path out there that can bring you more fulfillment and success.

How we work together:

  1. We start with your current situation.  What works?  What doesn’t?  We then move quickly into what outcomes you want to achieve.  We do a little visioning and figure out what you would want in an ideal day.
  2. Along the way, we look at your concerns and barriers to change. We’ll need to address these issues as they are your unique roadblocks that often get in the way of progress.
  3. Early in the process, we identify strategies that you begin to use every day. These strategies help you explore what works and what doesn’t.
  4. Together, we build a plan that helps you forge a path toward a new and better chapter in your life.

Get started!  Your first step is to reach out and set up a free consultation.  

Consultations are no pitch zones.  During the call, I learn more about your situation to see if it is a fit and you get to learn more about me and how I work.   Typically, phone consultations are 30 minutes.  After the call, I will send you an email outlining how we can work together.  Then, you can decide whether or not you want to proceed.  Typically, I work with clients over 4-6 sessions.

Contact Me for Your Free Consultation