About Me

DSC_0089My work with professionals and small organizations builds on 25 years of experience as a leader and an executive in the not-for-profit sector.  I have worked with small organizations with less than 10 staff to large international organizations.  Along the way I founded two small organizations myself. I am trained lawyer and a certified life coach trained with the Martha Beck Institute.  I’m also a mom of a wonderfully spirited 4-year old daughter and wife to a lovely Canadian.

My professional experience has centered mostly on helping to design, build, and implement programs and campaigns.  Over those years, I have worked through the nitty gritty details of fundraising, strategy, and staffing.  I understand typical campaign challenges in the nonprofit sector including lack of money, lack of staff, and lack of public interest.  But along the way, through successes and failures, I have a good understanding of what works, what doesn’t, when to dig in, and when to sit back.    

Over these years, I held a number of roles including founding executive director to two regional organizations, as well as directing major projects at national organizations.  I have served on Boards of Directors including a handful of granting agencies.  Along the way, I have engaged in every facet of the organization including staff management, board governance, government relations, fundraising, communications, advocacy, and financial management.   

Above all, I feel great joy in helping people take bold steps forward in their professional or personal life – or both – so they are fulfilled, inspired, and successful.   I am also a bold step taker myself.  When I was in college, I self-published a magazine without knowing how to do layout, publishing, or  advertising before I started.  Just out of law school, I formed a new statewide organization focused on environmental protection. Everyone thought it was crazy but I formed the organization, build a board, raised money, hired staff, and launched the organization within a year.  Several years later, after I became the head of a small water protection group, I decided to paddle the length of that river (400 miles) over 30 days to generate attention to the river’s importance.  It helped take my organization to a new level.

But while I have taken more than a few bold steps, I am deeply familiar with what it means when life gets out of balance.  I experienced burn out more than a few times.   But when my husband and I welcomed our daughter into our family, I could no longer just think about my career. Being a working mother and continuing to take bold steps in my life seemed like an impossible combination. But I figured out a combination that seems to have worked.  Today, I work part-time at a national nonprofit organization while I maintain a coaching business and regular volunteer work to support women at risk.  And I still have meaningful time with my family.

My passion today is helping people take bold steps forward that bring them more fulfillment in their life but without sacrificing their life balance.  I can even be called in to help restore life balance.  I believe we all have an opportunity to seize more control of our own lives so that we can meet the demands of work, family, and life but become passionate leaders of our true calling.